Utbildning IMS - sammansatta maskiner

Do you for example know about following definitions:

  • IMS
  • Integrator
  • SSS
  • Span of control
  • IMS Modes
  • AI
  • IMSconfiguration, function, capability or location
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Layout analysis
  • Whole body access
  • IMS – Information for use etc.

If you do not know some of the above examples, sign up for the course regarding the coming harmonized standard “Integration of machinery into a system” on 23-24/3-2022. The course is held both digital and physical. Location Svedala/Sweden and “Teams”. This time the course is held in Swedish. Register your interest here or contact Anne-Marie Träff at +46 70 5 900 137 or anne-marie@remove-this.prekam.remove-this.se. For more detailed information, contact larry.falk@remove-this.prekam.remove-this.se.